What is Water?

“The story of source of life.”

The water which forms most of the biological structures of living creatures, is a indispenseble life support for all alives with a vital importance. The water which can be found as solid, liquid and gas in the nature, stays in living creatures lifes with different resources.

The surface of the world covered with water three out of four. But most of this is as salty water in the seas. The water reserve of the earth is just 2,6% fresh water. The water is always on the move on the ground. The water is used but can not be consumed. The used water is usually given to the environment as soiled in the same amount. The water that evoporates from the seas to the atmosphere is being carried out to the earth with the rain. Some of it dragged into the underworld whereas some return to the sea with a flow. The water which is being hold by earth crust mix in to the atmosphere with the transpration of the plants. This is called hydrologic cycle.

It’s very unique to find the water in a sanitary form which can be found abundantly on earth, especially for the usage of people. In spite of the fact the earths’ exposed face is full of water three out of four, today, the biggest proglem is insufficient healthy, constantly available water resources.

Water is an element which is vital for living creatures. The sign of water as vital for human is our bodies containment of 50-80% water, in other words be formed of water. The human organism puts out 2.5 liters of water in different ways. For normal vital functions to be continuing, this amount needs to be replaced before the necessity of water reserve in the body. Thus a human needs minimum 2.5 liter of water in a day.

Due to daily metabolic events in our body, 300 ml of water is produced out of fat, carbonhydrate and proteins. Besides 700 ml of water is taken from the daily nutrients. If the nutrition is normal and the metabolism is enough 1 liter of water necessity is guaranteed. The rest and depending on the age, 1,5-2 liter of water necessity should be supplied through drinking. Humanity, depending on the culture and the traditions of his society, provides his water necessities from spring water, mineral water, fruit juice, city water, tea, coffee or soup. Thus, it’s necessary to take 1.5-2 liter of extra daily water.

Besides the chemical and biological specialities of water, it’s a value which was very efficient in forming civilisations, shaping the geographical and political borders.