How many liters of water we should drink?

The water is decreasing constantly through digestion, perspiration and breathing while we are in our daily routine. To perform its vital functions in a proper way, metabolism should be supported by water that is lowered. This is called daily water necessity. The water necessity should be resolved through thirst sense, a proper consume habit and with the knowledge of water consumption. Because not putting back the necessary water to the body can cause severel discomforts.

It’s difficult to give exact numbers on daily water necessity. Because the necessity varies by the biologic structure, gender, age, working conditions, the environmental characteristics of the place for each person.

It’s necessary to take water about 1/36 of the body weight every day. For example it’s about 2 liters for a person who weighs 72 kg. If we assume that some part of the water is taken by the food, it’s recommended to drink minimum 1,5 liter of water every day.

When enough water is not consumed, some health problems might seen. 1% water decrease makes thirsty, 5% causes febricula, 10% deficiency causes the tongue to swell up, the kidneys can not function properly, spasms start, and walking becomes impossible. 20% of water loss causes the skin to crack, the organs stop and deaths occur.