Water and cure formulas

Miraculous sap water can be consumed as a liquid whereas it can be used in treatments with many different ways which can bring health to the body. First of all, there is hydrotherapy, the treatment of calcium deficiency, some kind of muscle illnesses and climacteric.

Water, health and hydrotherapy…

Water is one of the most important health source which human being takes advantage of purgation physical and mental fatigues, and during the treatment of some illnesses. The water which started to use for health, hydrotherapy became one of the treatment methods.

Hydrotherapy consists of Hydro -Water and therapy- treatment words; in short it means treatment with water. It’s using the water as a treatment tool, by solid, liquid and gas phases from inside of the body or outside.
Two out of three of our body is water. Water means life. When hydrotherapy is the subject, the treatments with the minerals that the natural spring waters reserves come to the mind. Not only natural waters but also normal waters are used in hydrotherapy . This life source which seem very ordinary, has miraculous effects after some necessary process. Being awashed with water two out of three, shows the importance of water in human life. The bottom line in hydrotherapy is the positive reaction that the human body gives to the result of the water movement.

The body reactions will be different depending on heat of water. Cold water gives energy, helps us to refresh, recover. Cold water is used for high fever. Ice treatment is used for the parts of the body damaged which causes nodules. On the other hand, hot water helps the body to relax and rest. With the vapor of hot water, pores open, perspiration occurs, so the toxins are dismissed. To fasten the bloodstream, shock treatment with water can be practicable. Shock treatment is done by hot and cold water bath one after another

Water treatment for rheumatism

The muscles, bones and joints and the bonds that combines these structures which provide our body movement, sometimes face through pains, movement disability, nodules and these kind of disorders are generally called rheumatism. Water, especially mineral water prevents lime loss in rheumatic illnesses, strengthen the muscle-bone tissue, decreases the arthralgias. During the supporting treatment of these illnesses which can be seen on later age, water that is rich of minerals and different substances helps to a large extend.

Water treatment for neural sicknesses

Water was used for the treatment of physical illnesses besides it was used for the removing and curing the mental illnesses in Ottomans. In a daily life, busy schedules, traffic and alike stress factors complicates the life and causes some forms of mental disorders. The water which is used in traditional treatment methods as a supportive treatment and the water used in thermal springs is a very effective method. The magnesium in mineral water which is affective for spiritual assumption, fatigue and stress is one of the substances that should be in sanative waters.

Water treatment for gynaecological diseases and climacteric

The thermal spring water is usually effective for the infections that can be seen on gynaeceum, it is used in menstrual irregularity, and exility treatment which does not have an organic reason.

Water treatment for osteoporosis

The illness which is known as bone loss colloquially is an illness which causes bone disorder, weaken and slim. To protect from this illness, its necessary to take calcium, healthy nutrition and sports. The useful substances than can ve found in water and mineral water, help to the treatment of these kind of illnesses.