What is Mineral Water?

Water is Mineral Water (Soda Water) ?

It’s an hot or cold underground water that is in different levels of earth’s crust, forms by natural ways in proper geological conditions, consisting of minimum 100 mg/L dissolved minerals and/or trace elements and have 250 mg/L carbondioxide, having radioactive elements in its natural form, outcrops by itself or quarries by technical ways.

How Mineral Water is being formed ?

Surface waters like rain and snow waters, go on a long journey by the gaps and rifts of the rocks to the deep. This journey of waters can last 10 years even 100 years. These waters that go to the deep, stocked in a chamber rock which is called reservoir. With effect of the heat and pressure the water in the reservoir, goes up to the surface from the easiest way it can find (usually faultlines or hydrothermal ways). While the water is dribbling down or going up, it takes different kinds of materials on its own from the rocks it touches. By this way, it gains mineral water characteristic. The most important point that seperates these kind of water from the others is, they have minimum 1000 gr melted substance (mineral) per liter witnin itself. The percentages of the minerals that the mineral water has in it, is the indicator of which rocks did it have contact with. For example; calcium and bicarbonate rich mineral water, comes from limestone reservoir.