How many liters of mineral water we should drink?

How much and how the mineral water should be consumed?

Thanks to the minerals inside, the mineral water and spring water are very healthy beverages and supportive for the human health. The liquid necessity for the minerals that are lost through sudation, respiration and urine, can be met through mineral water.

In the researches that are conducted, it is identified that the mineral water consumption for healthy individuals is 600 ml.

The ones that consume intensely

  • The ones that have illnesses which are lack of the substances that the mineral water involves
  • The pregnants to be fed better for herself and the baby.
  • The kids who are in growing period
  • Elders
  • Sportsmen who are consuming effort
  • The babies and the kids who are in their mental, bone, tooht development
  • The ones who are having skin problems and care aesthetics.