The Benefits of Mineral Water

What are the benefits of mineral water?

It helps for a natural nutrition, and taking advantage of many kind of vitamin and mineral alike substance. But some substances can only be taken through mineral water consumption. Tis is why, there is a big advantage in drinking the natural mineral water every day.

The richest elements that can be found in mineral water are calcium, magnesium, sodium and chloride. The poorest ones are potasium, fluorine and sometimes iodine. Besides that bicarbonate can be found oftenly and sulphate ion rarely in mineral water. The necessity for the minerals in question increase in some periods of life (e.g. childhood, youth, elderliness periods). It’s more important to drink mineral water in these periods. The mineral waters provides the minimum mineral and liquid necessity of the metabolism. The minerals that can be found in mineral water helps to get rid of different health problems, arranging and reinforcing the running of the organs.

The advantages of Mineral Water

  • Healthy life support and healthy protection.
  • Removing lack of mineral and providing mineral necessity
  • Streatment of some illnesses directly or supportively
  • Removing and preventing some sicknesses

The minerals in natural mineral water and their importance in the way of health

Calcium: Bone and dental health, conduction of blood clotting, nerve impulse.
Magnesium: Heart health, muscle and nerve health and energy production.
Sodium: Water-electrolyte balance, digestion, asit-base balance
Potassium: Cell metabolism, balance of water
Fluoride: Tooth and bone health
Iyodur: Thyroid gland functions
Chloride: Water-electrolyte balance, digestion
Bicarbonate: Digestion, asit-base balance
Sulphate: Stimulation of digestion gallbladder and the functions; bicarbonate supports stomach functions especially in digestion and play a role in the stomach and in the blood in acid-base balance. Sulphate is mostly supports gallbladder and liver functions in digestion and helps to stimulate large bowel.