Mineral Water and Soda Water

When you ask for mineral water in a restaurant, in a market you will most likely be faced by “Is it vichy water?” question. Mineral Water and soda Soda Water are different from each other. Mineral Water is natural and and rich of contents. On the other hand soda water is refined and being produced by changing its from through outside intervention.

Mineral Water and Soda Water are not the same!

One of the false points that is know about the mineral water that it is same with soda water. Actually both are two different beverages with two different content.

Natural Mineral Water is being formed underground with a natural water cycle and involves some dissolved elements and materials that is found in soil. In the areas where fracture faults or geologic structures, the mineral water can go on the ground by itself also, can be taken to the ground by drilling. It’s bottled where its taken with its natural qualities and mineral composition and content.

Soda water is being produced by adding minimum 750 mg soda (sodium bicarbonate) to a processed water and adding 2-4 g carbondioxide to a liter and bottling. There is minimum of 1000 mg different minerals in mineral water whereas soda only contains sodium and bicarbonate. As it’s understood soda is obtain artificially and is not a rich beverage as mineral water

The non-recommendation of soda due to high sodium content in USA, represented to Turkey as mineral water is not recommended. In fact, mineral water is not soda and moreover most of the mineral water is useful for hearh and vessel health and it has effects on defusing. The mineral water in Turkey can be consumed by the people with hypertension doctor-controlled.

  • The mineral water contains minerals, soda does not.
  • Mineral water is natural, soda is produced later on.
  • Mineral water defuses, soda increases the tension because of sodium.
  • Mineral water is beneficial for health, soda does not have a known benefit.