Marketing And Export


Our distribution and marketing network, according to the cyclic change and development periods gain a flexible structure. To provide the best service in the country, we are expanding our marketing network continiously.

Beside the national and local chain markets in different regions of Turkey, we have many head dealers and collateral dealers. We have a marketing network and 90 vehicle distribution fleet within our structure and we are performing service to local and national chain markets in Marmara Region with our fleet.

Setting up our distribution and marketing network in the year of 2002 in Ankara and Bursa and in the year of 2003 in Thrace Region, we are performing faster and qualified service to Central Anatolia and Marmara Regions. We are closely followitng developments to transport our natural life source products to the human in healthiest way.


As Özkaynak Group, with our fifty years experience, our leader location in the sector and long years of increasing acceleration in the national market , we achieved growth. Our group is developing every single day and continues to grow continuously and with a balance in the field of export. As of today we are reaching Europe, Middle East, Balkan countries, areas of Northern Cyprus, and continuing export. We are researching rival and substitute markets, developing and potential consumption of markets; USA, Japan, Spain markets, and continuing to examine the necessary research and feasibility studies for these countries. It’s a proud for Özkaynak to be an active player of the export with contributes to the economy of the country.

Exporting Countries

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • North Cyprus
  • China
  • Saudia Arabia
  • Balkan Countries